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    Learn About Using Patterns in Your Home and More with These Links

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Home décor gives you a chance to demonstrate the best of your personal style! Check out the following resources to inspire your own decorating and furniture design. For more great tips, call Marlo Furniture at (301) 738-9000!

    Which One of the World's Best Mattresses Is for You?

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Nothing feels better than waking up after a good night’s sleep. In order to achieve the restful sleep your body needs, you must find a mattress that offers the support and comfort you want. Here at Marlo Furniture, we sell bedroom furniture as well as the area’s largest selection of Serta mattresses. Learn more about Serta’s most popular mattress styles to find out which one is right for you:

    Serta Perfect Sleeper 
    This mattress is perfect for both individuals and couples having trouble falling or staying asleep. It can be difficult to find a mattress that meets the needs of you and your significant other, but the Serta Perfect Sleeper is sure to provide the support that both of you need! This model was designed to prevent a number of common sleeping issues, including disturbing a partner, waking up with back pain, not being able to stay asleep, and feeling too cold or too hot throughout the night. By preventing these sleep issues, the Serta Perfect Sleeper can help you get better sleep and feel better during the day.

    Perfect Day iSeries 
    If support is your main concern, then you can find it with the advanced coil system inside of the Perfect Day iSeries mattresses. This model combines the amazing Cool Action Gel Memory foam from Serta along with a Duet Coil Individually Wrapped system, providing a sleep surface that keeps the sleeper at an appropriate temperature while also offering the support needed to keep the body relaxed until morning.

    You don’t have to spend too much to get a mattress that will allow you to get the deep and restful sleep you crave! Serta created the Sertapedic line to provide a high-quality, coil-supported mattress at a great value. This mattress model also features Memory Foam to provide the best support, meaning you can expect a sleeping experience that totally conforms to the needs of your body.

    You can find a great selection of Serta mattresses here at Marlo Furniture. Contact us at (301) 738-9000 for more information about our collection of bedroom furniture and accessories!

    Tips for Choosing Paints Colors for Dining and Living Rooms from Southern Living Magazine

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Are you having a hard time choosing paint colors for your home? If so, you are not alone! Finding the right colors can be difficult, especially when you try to find advice from friends, family, or even online resources.

    You can choose the perfect colors for any room by thinking about your own wardrobe. As you will see in this video, getting inspiration from your clothing is a great way to choose colors that you are sure to love. You likely look fabulous in your favorite clothing, so you can expect to look fabulous in a room decorate with colors inspired by these garments!

    You can enhance the colors in your room by choosing the right furniture. Contact us here at Marlo Furniture for help picking the best pieces for each room. Learn more by calling us at (301) 738-9000!

    Interior Design Trends: Mix It Up

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Your home is your personal space where you have the freedom to truly be yourself. Why not take advantage of this free space by showing off your personality with furniture and accessories? You can find an assortment of great living room and bedroom furniture at Marlo Furniture, featuring a variety of patterns and colors. Follow these tips to mix patterns and colors in your home:

    Find Patterns with Similar Colors 
    One of the easiest ways to choose items that work well together is to focus on the colors and patterns of each item. There are no rules when it comes to mixing patterns in the living room, bedroom, or other rooms of the house, but you should still consider how these patterns look when placed together! Choosing patterns that feature similar colors will allow you to create a sense of consistency in each room.

    Mix Larger Patterns with Smaller Patterns 
    Have you found an amazing pattern to use as the fabric for one of your living room furnishings? If so, then you can complement it by choosing a smaller pattern for your window treatments or other items in the room. The larger patterns will likely catch the eye of friends and family, while the smaller patterns can reinforce the colors or designs from the bolder print.

    Use Dramatic Patterns to Create a More Elegant Atmosphere 
    If you are interested in giving your home a traditionally sophisticated style, then you can look for pieces that feature dramatic patterns. You should also look for patterns that feature darker, elegant colors. You can save your simpler or daintier patterns for rooms that call for a more laid-back or peaceful atmosphere.

    Mix Bolder Colors with White 
    You can keep your home simple and fresh and add personality with accessories! Find accent pillows, wall hangings, side tables, and other pieces that feature bold pops of color. Mix these in with a white room to create an attractive space.

    You can start your decorating plans today by visiting Marlo Furniture! Check us out online or call us at (301) 738-9000 to learn more!

    Take a Look at These Webpages for More Information on Furnishing and Decorating Your Home

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Find more tips for creating a warm and inviting space in your home by visiting these great websites. If you are ready to start shopping, contact Marlo Furniture at (301) 738-9000!

    • Take the home decorating style quiz on this page from Better Homes and Gardens to help you figure out what styles you find most appealing.
    • Discover major design elements of some of the most popular home decorating styles on this page from
    • You can get some great tips for choosing the right paint colors for your home on this page from
    • If you are looking for more inspiration for your living room décor, then you can find it on this page from
    • Get even more fabulous living room design ideas to try in your home on this page from

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