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    How to Find Your Ideal Home Decorating Style

    Last updated 5 years ago

    The best-decorated homes feature a complete décor style that can be seen in the furniture, accessories, and colors of each room. If you are getting ready to decorate your new space, you can enjoy an easier experience by considering your home decorating style before you start shopping for living room furniture. Use these tips to determine your style:

    Consider Your Favorite Colors 
    Starting with wall colors is a great way to give yourself a fabulous foundation before you start shopping for furniture. When determining which colors to use for each room, you can think of the types of colors that you find most appealing. If you like bolder and louder colors, you may want an edgier home décor style. If you prefer neutral colors, you may want a more traditional style in your home. You should also consider whether you want to create a homey atmosphere with warmer tones or a more open and tranquil atmosphere with cooler tones.

    Get Inspiration from Your Closet 
    If you are having trouble deciding on a décor style for your house, you can look for inspiration inside of your closet! Furniture is fashion for the home, so why not look to your favorite fashions when trying to choose new furniture and accessories for your home? Determine which garments you wear most often and then look for similarities in styles. Clothing that features classic cuts can inspire a traditional and chic décor style. Clothing that features more modern designs may inspire a more contemporary style in your home. You can also look for similar colors and style patterns to get inspiration for accessories.

    Pick What Stands Out 
    After doing some initial research at home, you will be ready to visit the furniture store. As you walk around the store, you should look at different pieces and see which ones stand out to you. Pieces stand out for a reason, so take the time to stop and look at pieces that you find appealing!

    Marlo Furniture offers a variety of furniture styles, making it easy to find the perfect pieces for every room in your home. Learn more by visiting our website or calling us at (301) 738-9000.

    How to Furnish and Decorate a Small Living Room

    Last updated 5 years ago

    A lot of people find it challenging to decorate a small living room without overcrowding it. Many people think that purchasing larger pieces of living room furniture will make the space feel larger, but these pieces can actually take up space and make an already small room appear even smaller!

    You can get tips for decorating a small living room by watching this video. As you will see, choosing smaller pieces of furniture can help you create a space that feels larger and more comfortable. Simple changes, such as using ottomans instead of cocktail tables, can help you redefine your small space!

    Marlo Furniture has an amazing selection of living room furniture and accessories. Learn more by calling us today at (301) 738-9000!

    Furniture and Accessories That Can Transform Your Living Room

    Last updated 5 years ago

    The bedroom is where you prepare for the day. The kitchen is where you fuel up for the day. But the living room is where you actually get to enjoy the day! This unique room offers a cozy space where friends and family members can gather to spend quality time together. You can create an even more inviting space by adding the right living room furniture and accessories, such as:

    Sectional Sofas
    If you have always had traditional sofas in your home, then it may be time to upgrade to a sectional sofa. These pieces feature multiple sections that tend to form a right angle when placed together. Including a sectional sofa in your living room space can provide more seating for your guests and add more personality to a room that may feel empty with only your simple sofa.

    Recliner Sofas
    Sectional sofas may not work for all spaces, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep the same couch you have had for years! You can find a variety of recliner sofas here at Marlo Furniture, allowing you to add both style and comfort to your living room. These seating options are great for families who love to be totally comfortable while watching TV or movies in the living room.

    Accent Tables
    Choosing tables for your living room will allow you to add more stylish pieces to the room while also creating a space where guests can place food and drinks. You can pick a great cocktail table to place in front of your sofa as well as end tables to place near your sofa and other seating options.

    Area Rugs
    You can use area rugs to enhance the décor style created by your living room furniture. Rugs can be placed under furniture to protect the floor and provide more warmth and comfort. Your area rug can also incorporate style elements found in other accessories, such as artwork or accent pillows.

    If you are ready to start shopping, then you can contact the team at Marlo Furniture today! We offer fashion you can live with, allowing you to create your dream home. Call us at (301) 738-9000 for more information.

    Learn How to Transform Your Home's Lighting and More with These Resources

    Last updated 5 years ago

    At Marlo Furniture, we know furniture is fashion for the home! To help you keep your home's style current and stunning, we provide stylish living room, bedroom and media room furniture for less! Check out the links below for more decorating tips, or give us a call at (301) 738-9000 to learn more today.

    How to Create the Ultimate Bedroom Escape

    Last updated 5 years ago

    The bedroom should be the one room in your home that is decorated entirely based on your comfort. When choosing bedroom furniture and accessories, think about how to blend style and function together to create a peaceful atmosphere. Use the following tips to build your bedroom escape where you can find some peace of mind:

    Focus on the Bed 
    The bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home—you spend a significant portion of your life there! Choose a comfortable bed that reflects your aesthetic. You should also try to find furniture that adds more function to the space. A bed with built-in drawers, for example, provides the perfect storage for your linens.

    Choose the Right Color Palette 
    The colors in the bedroom will directly affect the overall aesthetic. If you want to create a bedroom oasis, you have to pick the right colors. Stick with lighter, calming colors that allow you to completely relax each time you enter the room. Consider light blues and other peaceful tones to perfect the space.

    Find the Perfect Lighting 
    Bedroom lighting should be functional and aesthetic. Consider table and floor lamps that allow you to set a relaxing mood throughout the room. You can also add a dimmer switch so you can easily change between functional and decorative lighting. The right lights will make it easy to create a dream bedroom.

    Marlo Furniture brings you the best selection of bedroom, dining room, and living room furniture in Rockville and Alexandria. Since 1955, we have provided furniture with a fashionable appeal that can work in any décor. To learn more, please visit us online or call (301) 738-9000.

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